A strong strategy needs strong foundations to succeed. We have developed an approach we call Six Pillar Thinking so we can be systematic in our planning and delivery. When planning strategy activities, we consider what aspects of each individual pillar we need in place to ensure initiatives have the best chance of success.

Our readiness to take forward our strategy requires preparatory work so that foundations (or tools) are in place. The following graphic reminds us of the six pillars we need to go Forward Together, and some of the information, resources and plans we will build over time.

Research & Collaboration

Pursue excellent scientific research that offers maximum economic and social impact to the local and global community.

Example tools:

  • Research theme directory – to connect research partners
  • Joint funding process – to help respond to big funding calls
  • People & talent learning pathway – to build skills

Economic & Societal Impact

Deliver impact through research, innovation and business growth based around our bioscience cluster.

Example tools:

  • Synopses – local, regional national policy
  • Connect with UN Sustainable Development Goals

Community & Communications

Promote the Park, its core Partners and businesses, and the opportunity to work with us.

Example tools:

  • Park communications plan
  • Park directory
  • Park events portal
  • Connect with UN Sustainable Development Goals

Environment & Place

A research and innovation community with access to world-leading infrastructure, facilities and services that help people achieve their best within their working and social lives.

Example tools:

  • Business facilities pipeline
  • Area masterplan
  • Transport plan
  • Laboratory & office design guide
  • Sustainability statement

Investment, Building Capacity & Capability

A co-ordinated Park-wide approach to strategic investment and development, targeted to support our Pillar outcomes.

Example tools:

  • Park development plan
  • Facilities capacity plan for business
  • Enterprise Zone

Fund Raising

A co-ordinated and prioritised funding programme that can support revenue activities that advance our strategic vision.

Example tools:

  • Funding strategy & map – to navigate and an investment pipeline
  • Investment Network – to help match investors and opportunities

Image: Andrew Davies