Everything we know, everything we use, our health and the majority of our food, is the product of knowledge. Science could be described as the creation of knowledge. To sustain our world for future generations we need to extend existing and create new knowledge.

Our vision for Norwich Research Park sees us having built on our rich heritage of world-leading research and innovation, where the Park is a place of knowledge creation and innovative thinking, recognised internationally for its excellence and relevance to answering global problems, such as food security, sustainable agriculture, antibiotic discovery, nutrition and health.

In our vision, the world will be looking to Norwich, celebrating the solutions already shared and turning to us for answers to other challenges, confident that Norwich is a place of great opportunity in our changing world.

Research and innovation are at the heart of what makes Norwich Research Park. Our research and support staff and students work with new methods and technologies to create a unique combination of capabilities we use to tackle global challenges. Our multi-disciplinary community is inwardly strong, and at the same time outward looking as we seek to involve regional, national and international communities of researchers, business leaders and innovators, and members of the public in achieving our vision.

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  1. Pursue excellent scientific research that tackles strategic challenges, and enables economic and social impact.
  2. Create accessible networking and collaboration opportunities around core and emerging subject clusters to build relationships and critical mass.
  3. Invest in and maximise the use of the technical facilities and capabilities available across the Park.
  4. Create an open environment that facilitates collaboration and the exchange of people and ideas.