Research parks create a cluster effect and are most powerful at generating impact and growth where members of the park can freely create formal, social and operational links with centres of knowledge creation such as universities, research organisations and large hospitals.

Norwich Research Park has each of these centres as our Partners, and all are motivated to play an active part in this Park and the wider regional cluster, and to engage nationally and internationally. This presents challenges of scale where the park environment must support individuals, groups and organisations at each stage of the development pipeline, from fundamental research through the many potential translational pathways. Our Six Pillars will play a key role in developing the conditions that support the pathway from research and innovation through to business growth, and proposals focus on the fundamentals for building collaboration and network, funding, access to space and facilities alongside a ‘challenge-led’ agenda that seeks to deliver real impact that benefits the economy and society.

Read about Our Priorities for achieving our vision


  1. Foster a community culture that actively supports the capture and translation of fundamental research into
    new high value benefits.
  2. Provide access to the skills, people and resources required for business formation and growth.