Our vision sees knowledge advancing through company formation to established business, anchored and attracted by proximity to excellent research and capability.

We see natural progression from spin-outs through our accelerator and bioincubators; we see young businesses aspiring to join our community; and we see our knowledge in business growth impacting the wider region as we play a strong part in enabling and assisting commercial expansion across the region.

Larger businesses will be looking at the attractiveness of our community and our science, and will have Norwich as a place of importance in their own plans for growth.

Business thrives in communities that can provide space, access to centres of excellence, business support in the form of investment and business formation, and where they have access to skilled staff and specialist facilities to power their ideas and activities.

All these elements are available on the Park through our Partners and wider stakeholders, and together, we will build an innovation system of commercial opportunities that support business growth.

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  1. Develop clusters of related high-growth businesses centred on our core sectors with access to enabling resources and services.
  2. Widen access to specialist technologies and skills to boost the research potential within business.
  3. Facilitate business to business interaction through networking and partnering opportunities.
  4. Support a pipeline of accommodation to support business growth from start-up through to large-scale manufacturing / service.